PREFACE: I fall in love with strangers all the time, so I check missed connections desperately hoping I may, one day, illicit the same reaction from a complete stranger. Still hasn't happened.
  1. Let me take you back to 2014.
  2. I was living with my boyfriend at that time, but resented him.
    He was trying to make it work. I wasn't.
  3. I worked late one Saturday and didn't want to go home.
  4. I made the quick decision to get off public transportation and head to a bar halfway between work and home.
  5. Zeitgeist in San Francisco is cash only, usually with burly bearded tattooed men.
    My known weakness.
  6. I went alone... On a Saturday... When bars are normally packed.
  7. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer, and quietly people watched.
    All the bartenders thought I was waiting for someone who stood me up, so they kept checking in on me and eventually giving me free drinks/shots.
  8. The bartender, who was much older, finished his shift and sat next to me.
    We talked all the rest of the night. I found out he grew up near my hometown, listened to the same bands, had a cat, was a glassblower... Small talk like we were on a date.
  9. It soon became last call. I was drunk. And I tend to love everyone after I've started to drink.
    They began kicking people out. I have him a hug, rushed out, and went home because I clearly don't know how to date
  10. I went home and drunkenly posted on Craigslist.
    I passed out and woke up with a email back.
  11. My message, which has long been erased to the depths of the Internet, read something along the lines like I enjoyed talking with him and was too nervous to ask for his number at the end of the night.
    He responded with his number 😱
  12. We texted back and forth for a while, with me always making excuses to not meet up because I started overthinking everything.
    He seemed into it...? But then, I was like omg what if I'm getting catfished?
  13. So I essentially ghosted him.
    I stopped responding to his texts.
  14. And that's how I posted on Missed Connections.
    And also why I'm afraid to drink at Zeitgeist on the weekends.