I'm an introvert. For the first time in seven years, I have a room to myself. So yeah, I like my alone time.
  1. Go out to dinner
    I want Thai food. Or pizza. Or a burrito. Or all of the above. And I will enjoy shoving it into my snout without the judgy eyes of another.
  2. Go to the movies
    Ugh, morning matinees on a weekday with no one else there are what dreams are made of. I did this once in sweat pants and no makeup and thought the ticket guy felt bad for me and gave me a discount. Turns out, the first showing of the day is always significant cheaper ✨
  3. Take a lyft/uber
    I love talking to the driver. My favorite question to ask is "what's the craziest ride you've had" and I've listened to some wild stories. But everyone shits their pants and watched too many SVU episodes and think I'm going to get raped/kidnapped/murdered.
  4. Go to the beach
    I can lay down, read a book and tan without someone telling me they want to go in the freezing water.
  5. Travel
    I flew to New York and DC for two weeks because I wanted to. I got a tour of the White House. I saw James Franco in a Broadway play. I watched Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers tape their talk show. I crossed off "watch SNL live from the audience" off my bucket list. Chris Martin from Coldplay waved back to me. It was everything I wanted to do. It was the best trip I have ever taken.
  6. Stay in a hotel
    After a drive a few hours to a different city I've never been. Who doesn't want to mess up a room they don't have to clean up? Groupon is a must for a cheap option.
  7. Breathe
    Apparently my sheer existence in the world causes people to freak still.