An ongoing list while I'm here...
  1. Stop signs are merely a suggestion.
  2. Grocery stores don't sell alcohol, only liquor stores.
  3. There's no sales tax on food and most clothes.
  4. Neighborhood borders are easy to catch on to.
  5. You have to make a slight right to make a left at most 4 way intersections.
  6. There are a lot of bridges to connect to around the three rivers.
  7. Yinz is their hella.
  8. Breweries and drinking in general is very big here.
  9. But, people drinking alone isn't the norm.
  10. Playoff beards are alive and well.
  11. I've matched with more guys on Tinder than any other city I've travelled to - including where I actually live.
  12. I'm truly thinking about moving to Pittsburgh.
  13. Sports are a way of life and anything said against hockey is sacrilegious.
  14. Don't drink with your boss because he has a fiancé you didn't know about.
  15. If you're the only woman in the bar, every guy will make an attempt to get at you.