Besides the fact that I'm really bad at dating...
  1. An inclination towards "bad boys with motorcycles" becomes apparent after swiping right only for said motorcycle.
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    I tried using tinder as a bucket list scratch off where I'd finally live out my fantasy of riding on the back of a motorcycle. Little did I know I'd finally be able to cross it off with a guy I met at the park that drove me to the beach and then home... Even though I lived three blocks away from the park.
  2. There will always be that one eager beaver.
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    So much time has passed from May to November. Just stop. But kudos if you write again after this. And no, it's not Friday yet.
  3. The more creative you are with a pick up line, the more likely I will respond.
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    This was at the height of "The Interview" release and I was all for it. Except the fact that he misspelled Seth Rogen's name.
  4. However, the more creative I am, the more likely you won't respond.
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    He was an X Files fan whose profile bio said looking for his Scully and I couldn't resist. Especially at the height of my X File binge watching. He has yet to respond.
  5. Sometimes guys don't understand pop culture references.
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    He immediately unmatched me. I have no regrets. I posted this on my Instagram because I was so proud.
  6. Marriage proposals may happen.
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  7. As well as sexual proposals.
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  8. More than you would hope they would.
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  9. Like, a lot.
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  10. And not very creative about it.
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  11. And finally, there's always one that sticks with you.
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    We went back and forth for weeks with Harry Potter pick up lines and I still think about him to this day.