1. Static
    Very original?!?
  2. Static
    LOL @ first swipe yet you waited five months to send a message...?
  3. Static
    I clearly don't have any sort of taste in men... good or bad.
  4. Static
    You went from go-getter to passive in a blink of an eye.
  5. Static
    Because I have a high risk of injury and seen as a hazard if used in close proximity to others?
  6. Static
    I'm really not cool. I'm socially awkward.
  7. Static
    Never trust a read receipt.
  8. Static
    I literally can't see anything without my glasses so I better look good in them if I paid $150+ for these grandma prescription lenses.
  9. Static
    I'd rather choke on my own spit.
  10. Static
    A little Donald Trump-esque for me, no thanks.
  11. Static
    Is that last part supposed to mean 100 or a car revving it's engine?
  12. Static
    I've never wanted to punch someone more in my entire life.
  13. Static
    My name is literally right in front of you and you still managed to spell it wrong...?