@Diplomatic_diva thank you for the LR and @MichaelRose for being an amazing person 💕
  1. His love for his family
    He has two sons. I've never been a parent but I know what kind of child I was when I was navigating the perils of school. One is in his teens, and the other is 10 (correct me if I'm wrong!) He is incredibly supportive of both of them, especially when it comes to learning musical instruments (how's your Little Rock Star doing?!) or explaining an alternate view on the world like feminism or bullying.
  2. Despite him talking about his age, he's really young at heart
    His kids keep him young. He's always open to giving new music a listen (even though Beastie Boys is always good to come back to). Or learning how to use snapchat! It was a team effort for him to learn the snapchat filters, but those dog filters though 👌🏼
  3. How open and honest he is
    Because li.st is a place where a lot of us come to talk about stuff we wouldn't share with friends in real life. Or a place to talk about what is on our mind. I think all of us have written, at least once, about a personal moment in our lives. And those lists are the ones that show who we really are: vulnerable. My Darkest Moment ⚫️