Because I need to vent to people that don't know these people in real life, okay?
  1. Bearded man #2 has moved four hours away from me
    So he's outta the picture...
  2. Bearded man #1 is in a play
    Which I went by myself to see last night and hadn't seen or talked to since last month
  3. Bearded man #1 took me to dinner after his play
    And basically professed his love for me which I've been dying for him to do for so long. I told him I loved him in the sense that I care deeply about him but think I can eventually mean it as a love interest. He jokingly said lets go get married at city hall, which I nonjokingly responded it's just a piece of paper. And the night ended with me staying the night.
  4. There is now a bearded man #3 involved who has asked me on a date tonight
    We're going to the movies to see Deadpool... So romantic. But these plans were made before bearded man #2 made things more serious.
  5. So I went from Josie Grossie lonely rider for the carousel to two beards vying for my attention and now I don't know what to do 😫
  6. Question is... Do I go on this date with bearded man #3?