An homage to the man that I desperately tried to not become until I realized what a great man he really is.
  1. When I wore a fanny pack ironically, only to realize it is actually really useful
  2. Carrying a knife in my back pocket, just in case
  3. A sense of humor that very few find funny because it treads that fine line of humor and sarcasm so no one knows if I'm serious or not
  4. Watching the same movies over and over again
  5. Unwillingness to express our true feelings towards others
  6. Wearing a joutfit without actually realizing it
    Canadian tuxedoes never looks so good
  7. Only ordering water at restaurants
  8. Responding when someone asks "can I see that" with "you see with your eyes, not your hands"
  9. The willingness to do anything for those in our lives, even at the risk of our own happiness
  10. Staying vocal about my opinions and beliefs
  11. Protective over the ones we love
  12. Wearing shirts worn ten years ago
  13. Being stubborn
  14. Carrying cash in a secret pocket of my wallet for emergencies
  15. Being confident, even when no one else is