1. Erik Von Detten
  2. Luke Perry
  3. The "cameraman" that hugs Pam in The Office?
  4. Tara Reid
  5. Honey Boo Boo and her entire family
  6. The two guys Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie convinced to kiss each other on The Simple Life
  7. The girl who smoked a cigarette in the girls bathroom in front of Stephanie Tanner?
  8. Beans from Even Stevens
  9. All the kids that starred in Bug Juice on the Disney Channel
  10. Willa Ford
  11. Hoobastank
  12. The kids from The Sandlot
  13. Joaquin Phoenix
  14. The guy that played creed in the office
  15. The entire cast of 3rd rock from the sun besides Joseph Gordon Levitt