1. A trip to the movies at a non-peak time to see deadpool, again
    The only movie I want to see
  2. A mix CD with a handwritten tracklist
    With songs that remind you of something, I will cherish it forever
  3. Flowers
    Because I've never received any from someone else before.
  4. Anything handmade/something that reminds you of me
    Because thoughtfulness means so much more
  5. A romantic night in
    So I can finally wear some of the free lingerie I've accumulated from working at Victoria's Secret 💃🏻
  6. To have Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids record an original song for me
    My favorite band. He has different options, but it would be so unique to receive this. I would marry you.
  7. A pet sea otter
    I would scream and ugly cry at the same time
  8. Tacos
    Because that's all I want to eat