With Netflix officially announcing the revival, I need to get this off my chest.
  1. Let's just start this off so all of you are reminded of who Jess Mariano is (played by Milo Ventimiglia 😍)
  2. He was able to get Rory to do something she had never done before.
    Granted, he broke her hand after they crashed her car that Dean Forrester got her. But she willingly missed her own mother's graduation to get on a bus to New York, just to say goodbye to him.
  3. He matched her wits.
    He was intelligent and well read, but didn't apply himself at school - which was why Luke asked Rory to be his tutor to begin with. He has so much potential but doesn't utilize it at school (another problem with our school system). But he keeps Rory on her toes, and has read just as many books as she had. He goes on to publish his own book, crediting Rory as an influence to get him there.
  4. The whole dance marathon episode.
    Amirite?! Never underestimate the power of jealously.
  5. He was the only one who was able to convince her that dropping out of Yale was a bad idea.
    Jess has dinner with Rory and Logan after telling Rory about his new book. When he catches up with her, she's different. Her stint at Richard and Emily's? Being in the DAR? He saw right through her bullshit and called her out on it. Hearing it from him must have knocked some sense into her. Obviously.
  6. He lets her go.
    A few times. What's that saying? "If you love something, set it free." Jess has a publishing house opening and invites Rory, which she attends out of frustration towards that cheating Logan Huntzberger. They kiss, but she confesses why she really came. He says she can tell Logan something happened between them if it will make her feel better about the whole situation. And then, watches her leave to go back to Logan 😭