1. Dust Storms are a normal thing... And make you feel like you're in Mad Max.
    It's called a haboob and I've experienced more than I ever believed I would. Also comforting when your friends text you to make sure you survived it okay
  2. If it's less than 100 degrees out, it's considered good weather. Like wtf?!
    I've also swam in tepid pool water because it was semi refreshing more than that hot air.
  3. Tinder Social out here makes it look like a bunch of hot frat boys are trying to gang rape me.
    Offensive and vulgar I know, but it's all ASU boys. Also I've gotten a higher number of matches here than SF
  4. I drank with one of my boss and I feel like that's not something most people can say.
    He encouraged it and kept offering me beer.
  5. Obvi I'm here 💁🏻
    This snapchat filter makes me feel like a fairy