Thank you for the list idea @karlalucia! This one is for Greyson, my nephew that has another month before he enters this world.
  1. Your sibling can be your best friend.
    I love your mom more than words could ever convey. She's been the one supporting my decisions (even when they are questionable) and I've been the one talking her into taking a chance. We work like yin and yang. When she was pregnant with you, she scheduled a 3D ultrasound so I could FaceTime with her while I was in another state. I saw you for the first time and we listened to your heartbeat together. I cried hearing you. I hope one day you'll share that same kind of bond. It's unbreakable.
  2. Your family will always love you.
    ... even if it doesn't seem like it at times. I don't think you'll ever understand the amount of unconditional love your parents had for you before you were even born. And I know it only increased once you were. Your parents are two of the most kind and loving people I know. Regardless if you make a few bad decisions or find your identity as you grow, I know they will support you 100%.
  3. Don't be afraid to be yourself.
    You're growing up in a time where information travels faster than ever before. Don't ever be afraid to be who you truly feel like you are. Like I said above, your parents will always love you. But growing up is about finding who you are as an individual. Whether it's the way you dress or your interests or whatever, have confidence in yourself.
  4. Learn to laugh at yourself.
    I called you Chago for most of your unborn life because your mom read that name to me from her baby book. I really tried to convince her to name you that but I said it enough that it stuck as your nickname. I wish you grow up with a good sense of humor. Sometimes you'll need to laugh things off because there's nothing else you can do.
  5. Do not try to grow up faster than you should.
    Enjoy being a kid for as long as you can. Milk it for all it's worth. Trust me, becoming an adult is not as great as it seems when you're 11. Enjoy no responsibility for a bit. You'll have more than enough time being an adult, trust me.
  6. As a teen, act out but don't get caught.
    Being a teenager for me was about experiencing new things for myself without my dad influencing my thoughts. This is the time in your life where your identity starts to mold even more to who you are. Try new things. Go on new adventures. Make new friends. Push yourself. When I say don't get caught, I mean don't do anything illegal because your dad and my dad will probably never let you leave the house.
  7. When you're ready to rebel, my home will always be open.
    You'll end up as an angsty teen wanting to get away from your parents as fast as possible. It always happens in some way, shape, or form. Your idea of running away will be to go to your cool aunt's house to live with (obvi me). So yes, please come - I will always have space for you. Years later, I'll tell you how your mom and I discussed this before you were born so she knew you'd be safe.