Things I Did This Weekend Instead of My School Work

I regret nothing.
  1. Ate half my body weight in Cheez-Its (I weigh a lot)
  2. Watched episodes of iZombie
  3. Got my eyebrows waxed
  4. Napped with my brother's dog
  5. Talked to my brother's dog like he was a real person
  6. Had a dream in which I gave birth to a baby girl and then got said when I woke up and realized my baby wasn't real
  7. Realized that I may want children after all
  8. Ate ramen, fried chicken, and ice cream BECAUSE WHY CHOOSE ONE COMFORT FOOD WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THREE
  9. Bought some new lipstick
  10. Thought about doing homework
  11. Napped instead