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  1. Holy shit he you are adorable.
  2. New Yorkers are SO NICE when one carries around a cute dog.
    Is this why dog people are happier and/or mildly delusional?
  3. If I had been locked in a bathroom for two hours because you had to go to yoga, I hope I would have thought to pull the entire toilet paper roll off, too.
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  1. How great last week's Kanye concert at Madison square garden was
  2. Also how great the Vandeveer concert at Rockwood was
    For real check them out, esp the song DIG DOWN DEEP
  3. Is banksy seriously 3D?
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  1. The props that are in order to the founder of CALLISTO for creating a simple, logical and approachable tool to start to address the emotionally complex issuers around reporting campus rape
    Callisto asks girls all the questions an officer would about an assault situation but, unlike a university who is required to report, doesn't make them submit the complaint until they are ready (if ever), just to capture all the detail in case they ever decide to. The only exception is if another woman reports assault by the same assailant, in which case the information is automatically submitted to help unearth repeat offenders https://www.projectcallisto.org
  2. That I would very much like to be friends with DJ Rupture, after hearing him in a radio interview and delving into his book UPROOT!
  3. What would happen if glengarry glen Ross was directed with a coed cast
    (Aside from david Mamet's head exploding)
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  1. Christine and the queens, whose song TILTED I listened to no fewer than 82 times
  2. Powerhouse, the new book on CAA
    So many conflicting emotions reading. Incredibly fun to learn the story of the Coca Cola polar bears tho....
  3. The Art of War, which I finally read, and misapplications of inherently reasonable concepts
    As in, I think applying art of war to business is somewhere between unideal and unethical, which makes me wonder if applying tech thinking to social problems a la Peter thiel is similarly fraught
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  1. Why hasn't tantra become a trend?
    It's intellectual, it's natural health, it's sexy, it leads to spiritual enlightenment ... It feels ripe for commercializations, no? Or a counter-tinder app? Is anyone on this?
  2. Is turmeric the next super food?
    Good for joints and liver and muscle recovery. I'd make it a drink and market it as natural Gatorade. But I'd just call it ADE and give part of sales back to farmers in a toms shoes model b Corp.
  3. The word 'sadist' comes from the marquis de Sade?!
    Totally missed that part in history class where he wrote political philosophy couched in incredibly dark erotica but just started reading Juliette and ... Wow.
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This is a list based on a piece I recently published on www.femininitylib.com . It's a work in progress and I would so so so love your thoughts !!
  1. The difference between femininity and masculinity is that femininity is programmed for EXPERIENCE and masculinity is programmed for RESULT
  2. Because they are programmed for different things, femininity and masculinity find value in different things - femininity values that which enhances experience like sensitivity and curiosity; masculinity values that which produces results like focus and measurable goals.
  3. Like yin and yang, moon and sun, egg and sperm, flexibility and strength, a healthy, sustainable life and society require femininity and masculinity to be in balance.
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  1. Living in Venice is like living in a cult movie surrounded by cult members writing the script for the next cult movie as they start a cult of their own, drinking the best venture-capital backed green juice $14 can buy.
  2. (I am weirdly on board)
  3. ((Even though it makes me feel unoriginal))
LUKE HAYNES is reimagining quilting in the most extraordinary way. He has a 50-quilt show up now at the port of Los Angeles that is a must see http://www.lukehaynes.com/exhibitions/
  1. Portrait of Kanye and jay-z intertwined
  2. Comment on gendered wall hangings
  3. Quilting is the intersection of craft and art and use, raising questions about what each means
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Williamsburg is officially Muppie-fied
  1. Nothing
Experienced, just now, walking past the gap body on Astor place
  1. Wow! That mannequin has ridiculous nipplage!
  2. Is there a factory that specializes in the manufacturing of pronounced nipple mannequin boobs?
  3. Do mannequins with nipples cost more than mannequins without? Is it like an add on feature you can select at check out?
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