Type two fun is fun that is not actually fun but that you convince yourself, afterward, was fun
  1. Camping
    To clarify: If you told me right now 'hey M, let's go camping', I'd be like 'omg i love camping' and we'd drive for 6 hours in traffic, get blisters hiking, and start playing celebrity to ward off the impending sense that neither of us is as interesting as we thought we were before falling asleep, cold, on the hard ground. None of which would be fun. But a week from Friday we would both have forgotten all that and be like 'remember that time we went camping? That was so fun!' That's type 2 fun.
  2. Restaurant reservations with more than 8 people
  3. Bachelorette parties
  4. Gingerbread house making competitions
  5. Beer pong
  6. That spontaneous weekend trip to a foreign country with someone you just met
  7. Business school
  8. Any sporting event that takes more than 30 minutes to park
  9. New Year's Eve
  10. Vegas! Now!
    Suggested by @Tempe_Stripmall
  11. Road trips
    Suggested by @headass
  12. Scuba diving in a reservoir in the middle of a landlocked state.
    My dad and I used to go every summer. It consists of hauling a bunch of heavy gear half a mile to the beach, squeezing into impossibly tight neoprene suits, getting sunburned, and hauling the gear half a mile back to the car.
    Suggested by @junerain
  13. Any activity you do that includes kids under 10.
    Suggested by @wonderishmama
  14. Avon parties
    Suggested by @ChristaBullock
  15. Dress up parties
    Suggested by @krissybell76
  16. Cookie making parties.
    Admittedly easier to convince yourself it was fun if you're eating cookies.
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  17. White elephant gift exchanges
    Suggested by @junerain
  18. 15% of the first dates with someone you met online
    Suggested by @carmenchan
  19. Family vacations
    Suggested by @ella7
  20. Running
    😁 I love running except when I'm doing it. Before: "Excited!" After: "OMG I'm a BEAST!" During: "Why... Am I... Such... A masochist..."
    Suggested by @barefootmeds
  21. Bowling
    It's loud, and dark; impossible to carry on a conversation, and if you have more than four people you have to squeeze on the same table or split up. Also, you get competitive and mad if you don't "bowl well" without having any benchmark of what "bowling well" actually means.
    Suggested by @caden
  22. going on vacation with your 84 year old grandma
    Suggested by @aternazio
  23. Cocaine
    Suggested by @AsaAkira
  24. Parades
    Suggested by @staceraeface
  25. All "social media manager" type jobs
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos
  26. Shopping for jeans
    Suggested by @katiemandler
  27. Wedding planning. #crazymother-in-laws
    Suggested by @lorikay36
  28. Pumpkin Carving (see gingerbread house making)
    Suggested by @Amkw349
  29. Cutting your own Christmas tree
    Suggested by @aloisi_tribe
  30. It's almost Halloween? Let's go to the pumpkin patch!
    Suggested by @thereset88
  31. New Years' Eve
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  32. Pledging a frat or sorority
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  33. Hackathons
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  34. Going to an event where you have to wait in a line for more than 30 minutes
    Suggested by @mrb444
  35. ComicCon (I suspect)
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  36. Golf outings
    Suggested by @aklytle
  37. Dating
    Suggested by @celeste
  38. Roller coasters
    Suggested by @celeste
  39. Apple picking in the fall in New England
    Suggested by @jcerretti
  40. Picnics
    The real kind, with a blanket that's not big enough spread over uneven ground with sticks, rocks and bugs and you open all the food and napkins fly away and you can't get the cups to stand up on their own and oh shit you forgot that one thing and now we finished the water and my back hurts let's go to a restaurant.
    Suggested by @emroth
  41. Taking your kids to Disneyworld
    Suggested by @thebestSR
  42. Baby showers
    Suggested by @kristingraybill
  43. Frat Parties.
    Suggested by @heatherorta
  44. Long-distance bike rides
    Suggested by @ardent
  45. Haunted houses!
    Suggested by @AshRandizzle
  46. Painted Cork
    Where you pay to paint the same picture as everyone else and drink too much wine
    Suggested by @jhartel
  47. Being a parent. I suspect. Hopefully I'm wrong.
    Suggested by @endersjane
  48. Going to an NYC beach in the summer
    It only counts if you took a confusing 2-hour subway ride to get there.
    Suggested by @beemull
  49. Hosting your family Xmas
    Suggested by @helenab
  50. Clubbing
    Suggested by @amandaperez
  51. Being a bridesmaid
    Suggested by @themicheledee
  52. Shopping on Black Friday
    Suggested by @gardencottage
  53. Having to be in the wedding of an acquaintance when you are too polite to decline
    Suggested by @lau311ra
  54. Getting a pedicure
    It's like a teeth cleaning for your feet! Still feeling tense? Give this vibrating massage chair a whirl while someone pokes at you with sharp metal instruments!
    Suggested by @beangoshe
  55. Any form of organized exercise class you can take with your friends who are in much better shape.
    Suggested by @yoshina
  56. Reading the Bible
    Suggested by @JesusChrist
  57. Watching community theater
    Suggested by @lexzie
  58. One person shows
    Suggested by @lexzie
  59. Watching fireworks in a crowded public place
    Suggested by @jlisk1
  60. Getting a bikini wax
    Suggested by @chermillionaire
  61. Road trips
    Suggested by @lexzie
  62. Having everyone over for a "dinner party"
    Hooray we're adults, but get out of my house now.
    Suggested by @sofi
  63. Book clubs.
    I don't want to read this book.
    Suggested by @sofi
  64. Joining the Navy
    Trust me on this one.
    Suggested by @jacib
  65. Smoking pot before a flight
    Suggested by @nadi27oct
  66. Baby showers when you don't have any kids.
    Suggested by @shirleyrh33
  67. Zumba
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  68. Prom
    Suggested by @emwendorf
  69. Hosting a dinner or other elaborate type of party
    Suggested by @ellenmcc
  70. Pub trivia
    Suggested by @angelnorelation
  71. Cutting down your own Christmas tree
    Suggested by @jenkelly
  72. Thanksgiving dinner with the family
    Suggested by @erwaywl
  73. Hiking
    "It's not the destination, it's the journey!" Not always so true in this case...
    Suggested by @madsguam
  74. Hammocking in 12 degree weather.
    Suggested by @derek_
  75. Most live music you are unfamiliar with
    Suggested by @alingle
  76. Baking cookies with your children
    Suggested by @ameliaville