This is a list based on a piece I recently published on . It's a work in progress and I would so so so love your thoughts !!
  1. The difference between femininity and masculinity is that femininity is programmed for EXPERIENCE and masculinity is programmed for RESULT
  2. Because they are programmed for different things, femininity and masculinity find value in different things - femininity values that which enhances experience like sensitivity and curiosity; masculinity values that which produces results like focus and measurable goals.
  3. Like yin and yang, moon and sun, egg and sperm, flexibility and strength, a healthy, sustainable life and society require femininity and masculinity to be in balance.
  4. Traditional society understood this and sought to maintain balance by having women take responsibility for femininity and men take responsibility for masculinity.
  5. This would have worked, were it not for the fact that women aren't only feminine.
  6. Women recognized that femininity was part of them, but masculinity was, too, and that the traditional system forced them to repress part of who they were. The result was that women - particularly those who were more masculine - felt unfulfilled, unnecessarily dependent on men, and frustrated by waste of value they could have added to society.
  7. And so Women's Lib fought for women's right to embrace and express their masculine, results-oriented muscles and succeed in the places in society where those muscles were valued. In other words: women's lib liberated masculinity in women.
  8. This was really great.
  9. Except that it didn't liberate femininity in men.
  10. The result was that society as a whole became more masculine, and developed the idea that results-orientation must be better than experience-orientation because otherwise women wouldn't have cared so much about having the right to express it.
  11. As this notion took hold, society grew ever more out of balance, overly focused on results in a way that created individual angst and societal systems that are not sustainable.
  12. This imbalance peaked in 2008, when the excessiveness of results-orientation on Wall Street caused that entire system to topple over.
  13. In the rubble of that crash, millennials began to question their masculine upbringings and turn to more of an experience orientation that expresses itself in everything from do-what-you-love career decisions to a surge in popularity of mindfulness practices to the slow food movement.
  14. In this way, millennials unknowingly launched a much-needed movement to liberate femininity, and it very well might be what saves us all.