Recorded in part for my own re-visiting purposes
  1. If you're the kind of person who has lots of balls in the air, get comfortable knowing you'll drop some. The key is knowing which balls are rubber and which are glass
  2. You will learn every lesson you need to in life, it's just a matter of what order and what mechanism through which they are delivered. So make your decisions based on what your gut tells you you want to do, and surround yourself with the people you want to learn with
  3. Flops happen when everyone in charge is waiting for the next person to point out the obvious
  4. Neck cream, darling, neck cream
  5. You cannot be in balance all the time. Try, though, to set time limits on your periods of imbalance and warn those around you so they know what's going on and can support you (or get out of the way)
  6. Whenever you get upset about the limitations of being a woman, remember that YOU GET TO MAKE A BABY and even if you can't make a baby yourself you GET TO BE A MOTHER and that is really, really neat
  7. Guilt is an excuse for not solving a negative situation in your life
  8. Learn to recognize fear and anger and never make decisions from those places
  9. Be like a cucumber, which takes all the nutrients it needs from a vine until it naturally, peacefully, without any scar or stem, falls from the vine because it understands they no longer need each other
  10. You have all the muscles you need to build the life you want, life is about learning which ones to strengthen and learning to get coordinated
  11. A good hair dryer is worth the investment
  12. Reincarnation is a fancy way of saying that not everyone is at the same stage in a greater journey of spiritual development, meaning not everyone is struggling with the same issues that you are. So don't judge people who don't see the world as you do: maybe they're just a 2 and you're an 8. Or maybe it's the other way around. (but probably not.)
  13. WHO SAYS it isn't possible? Are they the ones in charge of your life, or are you?
  14. Sometimes to write truthfully you have to lock yourself in a room and convince yourself no one is ever going to read it
  15. Download: Soundcloud, Hypemachine, beats Radio, the npr news app
  16. Daydream often - you'll never realize your hopes if you don't take time to imagine them
  17. Learn to talk back to your inner voice because she can be a real bitch
  18. The world works better and more peacefully when women embrace their own pleasure. The role of a woman is to know what she wants and to pursue it unabashedly
  19. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing by yourself to Beyone late at night in your apartment
  20. Listen to your parents but don't overweight their opinions. In fact, listen to everyone but be very measured about the amount of weight each deserves
  21. Time and energy are what you have in limited supply: be disciplined about who you give time and energy to, so that you have enough for the people and things you care about
  22. Love is not something you find, it is something you do
  23. Happiness does not mean the same thing to everyone, but everyone does have the choice to decide whether or not happiness is something the choose to pursue.
  24. Try the fish tacos at Rosie's on 2nd street. OMG.