1. Would we be more productive if there were 36 40-minute hours in the day instead of 24 60-minute ones?
  2. Would I still like kale if it were not good for me?
  3. Given that crystal meth and adderall are the same chemical compound, would we be less critical of meth addicts if, when high, they built multi-million dollar financial models?
  4. Why doesn't yelp color code user reviews according to a brief taste profile survey they make them take before submitting reviews so that, when I read a review, i know whether or not I have the same tastes as that person and should therefore consider his or her rating?
    Call me, Stoppelman: I've thought this one through.
  5. How has there never been a lawsuit by a lactose intolerant person against Starbucks for charging $.75 extra for soy milk?
  6. Is it a bit gender discriminatory that the amenities packs in business class on airplanes have shave kits but not nail files?
    As in: what woman has ever needed a shave kit on a plane, and what woman hasn't needed an Emory board? Looking at you Richard Branson.
  7. Is Nicklas ibach's lessons of harmony no. 3 the best mix on soundcloud?
    Listen to it. Now.
  8. Do Eskimos see the world in more detail because they have 17 words for snow? Do Greeks have more articulate feelings because they have 5 words for love? Does language describe what we see or inform it, and what does that mean in an age where language is becoming ever more brief?
  9. Is a sweet potato actually the perfect food?
  10. Did all my children go off the air because women no longer want a juicy drama in the middle of the day or because they are now at the office at one pm, where they can't watch tv?
    When I published my book, the underwriting, a rather dishy story, as an online serial, people overwhelmingly tuned in to read it between 1230-230. Susan Lucci: can we make a web series pllllllease?
  11. Is the key to being a successful woman in business to be a 7 out of 10, attractive enough to be noticed but not so attractive that your accomplishments are undermined?
  12. What DOES the fox say?
  13. As we become more global and local as human beings, will the nation state become an archaic concept, particularly as bitcoin seeks to replace federal currency and war is no longer nation-based?
  14. Would sexual assault on campuses decline if sororities were allowed to serve alcohol, thereby reducing the reliance on frat houses to host parties, where, because it's their home turf, frat boys set the tone of party engagement?
  15. Is anticipation the natural state of human existence (anticipation of death, love, orgasm, how people will respond to things) and is the key to happiness learning to take pleasure in it rather than to fear it or destroy it with expectation?
  16. Who is john galt? Who is satoshi nakamoto? Are they the same person and if someone were, hypothetically, to write a digital age reimagining of ayn rand, would john malkovich play him?
  17. How f'iing cute are these boots I just got?
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