Asheville is what Brooklyn would be if you replaced hipster smugness with southern hospitality. It is also my hometown and a great place for thanksgiving 💕
  1. Krispy Kreme bread pudding at THE ADMIRAL
  2. Walt Disney drew the first iteration of Micky mouse here
  3. More craft breweries per capita than any other city
    As verified by a friend with a craft brewery, who may be exaggerating slightly
  4. Stopping in on painters and glass blowers in the river arts district who will stop to explain their craft
  5. The battery park book exchange, a bookstore-cum-coffee shop-cum-champagne bar
  6. Pretty leaves in autumn and pretty flowers in spring
  7. The existence of autumn and spring between summer and winter
    (No offense New York)
  8. Malaprop's, perhaps the greatest independent bookstore in America
  9. Zelda Fitzgerald died here
  10. The drum circle at Pritchard park
  11. The fact the drum circle at Pritchard park got funding to move inside for winter so yuppies watching the hippies play drums will not be cold
  12. Everything on the menu of the laughing seed cafe
  13. Contra dancing in the barn at warren Wilson college on Thursday nights
  14. Skinny dipping in the lake behind the barn at warren Wilson college after contra dancing
  15. The experience of being looked at like you are a complete and pathetically stupid moron for thinking 'Leicester' highway should be pronounced with any fewer than 3 syllables
  16. The Grove arcade and other brilliant examples of 1920s Art Deco American architecture
  17. Cow tipping in Enka-Candler, as appropriate
  18. The biltmore estate
  19. Grits and biscuits at Tupelo honey
  20. My boys Ron and Kendall at Ananda West, a hair studio in a garage in the river arts district that doubles as an art gallery
  21. The look of confusion on the faces of people visiting from New York when a person they pass on the street says 'how y'all doin' with no agenda
  22. The way the person who said 'how y'all doin' to the New Yorkers will then go home and talk about how sorry he feels for rude and angry people from up north, and then pray for them
  23. Gingerbread house competitions at the grove park inn
  24. Whole foods is the third largest natural food market
  25. Hiking, biking and trail running on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail
  26. Real Baptist revivals happening within a one mile radius of real wicken seances
  27. My mother's Apple cake
  28. Music gigs at the Orange Peel, a jazz club turned roller skating rink turned music venue
  29. Asheville pizza and Brewing company, which was doing the couches-and-beer in the movie theater thing before it was cool
  30. Thomas Wolfe is from here (and you can't go home again about here)
  31. The golf course at biltmore forest country club
  32. Quitting golf at the biltmore forest country club two holes in to drink Scotch on the terrace with the badass staff who let me sit for hours writing in the bar
  33. The fact there's really only enough to do in Asheville to fill three days, meaning that by the fourth day you will experience the pleasure of boredom and possibly make lots of lists
  34. Sunsets like this
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  35. The Grey Eagle
    Live music venue in the River Arts District
    Suggested by @kate81
  36. Buskers
    Suggested by @kate81
  37. The Early Girl Eatery on Wall St.
    Farm to Table Southern Comfort Food - a must for breakfast if you're in town!
    Suggested by @kate81