As reported, live, from 2D
  1. My kids go to Phillips..:have you heard of it?
  2. My son is 17 but he doesn't have his license yet: it's just a logistics thing and there's no real point since we have a driver
  3. I live in China actually. Very interesting region
  4. I went to school in boston. Undergrad and grad school actually - Cambridge is such a special place / (so you went to Harvard?) / haha yes, Harvard
  5. These planes are made in Brazil you know. / how do I know that? / Oh I did a lot of research when we were buying our company jet
  6. Where in Boston do you live? I usually stay at the four seasons
  7. The Middle East is a real mess.
    Presented, declaratively and with no further analysis, with the gravity of true insight
  8. It's hard to argue with the progress China has made in the past few years. Of course you also have India.
    (No further punchline here)
  9. The Swiss is a very orderly, peaceful place.
    So true!
  10. Oh me? I'm in private equity
    Hahaha OF COURSE YOU ARE, love