Erica Jong has a new book called fear of dying. It is stunning, as is, it turns out, she
  1. I said the title 'fear of dying' sounded vulgar and obvious. He said, yes but Erica, readers and publishers ARE vulgar and obvious. Everyone at st martin's loved it.
  2. She wasn't keeping a secret, she just didn't think to say it.
  3. It is not always easy or fun to be the writer in the family
  4. Thomas Mann said writers are people who think writing is more difficult that anyone else thinks it is. This is what bloggers don't understand
  5. Feminism is a movement that started in the enlightenment and whose purpose was nothing more than to expand free speech to more people. Women who say 'if you say or think this you are not a feminist' have completely missed the point. It's unfortunate that the label has become so troubling
  6. Sometimes when I'm writing I get panic stricken and have to tell myself that what I'm writing will never get published. Sooner or later I have to get the wreaking manuscript out of the house or it will poison everything else
  7. You can't have orgasm without imagination
  8. Grudges make you ill
  9. Do you know how many journalists want me to have regrets? I don't have regrets - they are purposeless
  10. The human experience is a spiritual one. We are spirits captured in human flesh and the flesh teaches us things but we have to remember that we are ultimately spirits. Sexuality was an experience of the flesh that taught me all sorts of things about my self
  11. People don't want to believe that women writers have imaginations. They assume everything is autobiography they are spewing onto a page. But if it were that people wouldn't read it
  12. On bodies becoming less attractive with age: yes but your eyesight gets worse so that helps
  13. I was very lucky to have men in my life who adored me and adored my talent
  14. Feminism is like democracy - you have to keep fighting for it or the racists come back