1. Christine and the queens, whose song TILTED I listened to no fewer than 82 times
  2. Powerhouse, the new book on CAA
    So many conflicting emotions reading. Incredibly fun to learn the story of the Coca Cola polar bears tho....
  3. The Art of War, which I finally read, and misapplications of inherently reasonable concepts
    As in, I think applying art of war to business is somewhere between unideal and unethical, which makes me wonder if applying tech thinking to social problems a la Peter thiel is similarly fraught
  4. Uncle Vanya, and how progressive Chekhov's thoughts on environmentalism were
  5. Whether charcoal is actually good for me, because I'm digging this charcoal lemonade phenomenon
  6. Why I always book red eye flights even though I know I always regret them
  7. How my life would change if I stopped highlighting my hair (whilst having my hair foiled)
  8. How my life would change if I were a redhead (while admiring beautiful redhead having haircut beside me getting my hair foiled)
  9. Who is going to write the Elizabeth Holmes film and whether they will get the gender politics right
  10. How many aperol spritz' scan I drink between now and Labor Day?
  11. Have I ever in my life loved an article of clothing as much as I love the pair of classic Levi's I just found?
    Don't think so.
  12. How delicious it was to reunite with @JessicaBalboni after waaaaaay too long #gingins #djhuggybear4life