1. The props that are in order to the founder of CALLISTO for creating a simple, logical and approachable tool to start to address the emotionally complex issuers around reporting campus rape
    Callisto asks girls all the questions an officer would about an assault situation but, unlike a university who is required to report, doesn't make them submit the complaint until they are ready (if ever), just to capture all the detail in case they ever decide to. The only exception is if another woman reports assault by the same assailant, in which case the information is automatically submitted to help unearth repeat offenders https://www.projectcallisto.org
  2. That I would very much like to be friends with DJ Rupture, after hearing him in a radio interview and delving into his book UPROOT!
  3. What would happen if glengarry glen Ross was directed with a coed cast
    (Aside from david Mamet's head exploding)
  4. What Dave Matthews is doing right now, after reacquainting myself with CRASH for the first time in about a decade
    (It's still as good)
  5. The Get Down, how much I love baz luhrman for taking on the roots of hip hop, and how much I'd like to talk to early hip hop artists to know if he's gotten it right
  6. The phrase 'Bots are totally going to eat apps' after hearing it emphatically stated at a VC dinner
  7. That it is legit amazing when you think about population size that Britain placed second in the Olympic medal count, and whether brexit somehow spurred extra motivation
  8. That I'm digging this bracelet I just got from the very inspiring founder of #myintent which makes jewelry out of a word you choose as your personal motto
    (Mine was choose joy)
  9. That I am officially behind the idea of a Guaranteed Basic Income
    After a conversation about what would happen if everyone in America were given a certain amount and remembering that study from zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance where they found that in a grade free environment kids who would have gotten a's or b's did better and kids who would have failed failed anyway...couldn't you apply the same principle to assert that a guaranteed basic income would net out ahead in the same way? Am I wrong on this?
  10. That ripe bursa figs might be the only food to rival sweet potatoes in natural perfection
    (After eating 8)