1. Why hasn't tantra become a trend?
    It's intellectual, it's natural health, it's sexy, it leads to spiritual enlightenment ... It feels ripe for commercializations, no? Or a counter-tinder app? Is anyone on this?
  2. Is turmeric the next super food?
    Good for joints and liver and muscle recovery. I'd make it a drink and market it as natural Gatorade. But I'd just call it ADE and give part of sales back to farmers in a toms shoes model b Corp.
  3. The word 'sadist' comes from the marquis de Sade?!
    Totally missed that part in history class where he wrote political philosophy couched in incredibly dark erotica but just started reading Juliette and ... Wow.
  4. Who is funding VR content right now?
    My friend chuck and I want to make a VR sci-fi horror comedy set in a Manhattan mini storage, obvs.
  5. What if Donald trump is performance art?
    A dark comment on everything that is wrong with American politics and media? Omg what if banksy is behind it? Also, bets on trump starting his own news network after the election, and this all having been a viewer acquisition strategy?
  6. How am I just now discovering THE ARTIST'S WAY, which has managed to articulate basically everything I've been doing wrong in my writing and my life this past year?
  7. Why can't I stop listening to jubel by Klingande?
    Pure joy, that song.
  8. Could I have any more of a girl crush on Julie adenuga, or be any more enamored of her beats one radio show?