Things I thought about this weekend

  1. How great last week's Kanye concert at Madison square garden was
  2. Also how great the Vandeveer concert at Rockwood was
    For real check them out, esp the song DIG DOWN DEEP
  3. Is banksy seriously 3D?
  4. About a conversation I had about the relevance of the nation state in the modern era, esp if digital currency becomes the new fiat. The conclusion was that the central purpose of a nation state is to legitimize certain kinds of violence (military, police) in order to control other kinds
  5. That I am still wearing white, and owning it
  6. How crazy the universe is, that I had a vivid dream about a childhood friend I hadn't thought about in years, and woke up thinking about him, only to get on Facebook and see the post that he had a baby at the precise time I was dreaming of him
  7. Whether season two of narcos might be even better than season one. So floored.
  8. How deliciously pleased I am with the first pass of my new app, LOLz!, an emoji-esque keyboard for canned laughter that goes into the ios10 store this Wednesday