Tis the season for revisiting works i didn't pay enough attention to in college
  1. Jose Borges 'Pierre Menard, author of don Quixote' and Borges letters on saving time by writing reviews of books he'd like to exist but don't, rather than writing the books themselves
  2. Foucalt's Madness and Civilization, and considering periods where what we currently label psychological disorders were not considered maladies
  3. Jung's Anima and Animus and the four stages of their development as means to understand male and female sexual attraction
  4. Kanye's College Dropout which feels, now, sublimely prescient
  5. Macbeth, after seeing the film today, and whether the c-section loop hole for the witch's prophecy is symbolically rich or infuriatingly lazy (is that blasphemy?) Also, the sexiness of Michael Fassbender (see: animus)
  6. Ee Cummings since feeling is first, which I had completely forgotten is still my favorite poem