1. Holy shit he you are adorable.
  2. New Yorkers are SO NICE when one carries around a cute dog.
    Is this why dog people are happier and/or mildly delusional?
  3. If I had been locked in a bathroom for two hours because you had to go to yoga, I hope I would have thought to pull the entire toilet paper roll off, too.
  4. I have never been so happy to spend seventy dollars on seven square inches of fabric because that you look so cute in that puppy coat
  5. Balls ARE so much fun!
  6. I didn't really need that duvet anyway
  7. Given how crazy you go when I do not pay attention to you, how much money you are costing and how much you have taken over my apartment, I should get rid of you, and yet you are so freaking adorable all I feel is helpless love.....Is this what it's like when men fall in love with hot but psychotic women?
  8. I have become such a cliche, and I do not even care. Because, I mean... happening now.