1. Tv: what does the studio care about?
  2. Novel: what do I care about?
  3. Film: what does sundance care about?
  4. Poetry: what does God and/or my lover care about?
  5. Serial fiction: what does my reader care about?
  6. Songs: what will get me laid?
  7. Comedy: what issues am I working through with my therapist?
  8. Tweets: what makes me look smarter than I am?
  9. Facebook: what makes me look more popular than I am?
  10. Blog: what will get me the most click throughs?
  11. Lists: what thought popped into my head this morning while I was brushing my teeth that made me spontaneously smile? 😘
  12. Hallmark card: what rhymes with Jesus?
    Suggested by   @JessicaBalboni
  13. Instagram: How many Hashtags can I relate this to?
    Suggested by   @dartogreen