LUKE HAYNES is reimagining quilting in the most extraordinary way. He has a 50-quilt show up now at the port of Los Angeles that is a must see http://www.lukehaynes.com/exhibitions/
  1. Portrait of Kanye and jay-z intertwined
  2. Comment on gendered wall hangings
  3. Quilting is the intersection of craft and art and use, raising questions about what each means
  4. His current show is about quilts as sculptures, exploring the relationship between object and space
  5. He said tonight that the show was about putting constraints and making them work in 50 different ways to challenge himself to find artistic depth (❤️!)
  6. Quilts are interesting for the layers of narrative - from the design to the materials used to the stories they accumulate as they are used
  7. All his quilts are made of used clothing
  8. All the backs of his quilts are made of used sheets, which creates, he says with a chuckle, a conversation between me and the stories of these sheets
  9. A lot of times people will find fabrics they recognize from childhood, which I did not believe until I just found my 101 Dalmatians sheets in quilt 17!
  10. When I asked him which was his favorite he said he always tries to make sure the last thing he did was his favorite because it means he's progressing but in this case he likes the one he carried on tour through Europe and slept under in various countries
  11. (We're old buds from high school....and I am so so silly proud and excited to still be learning from him) xo