1. Don't even get me started on how coddled the modern day anus is.
    Dwight explaining how helpful he is by spending moes's time de-plying the toilet paper.
  2. "The most worthy opponent of you, is you"- Jim "unless there happen to be measles present" -Dwight
    Jim making sure the members of the office get the best possible education on self defense.
  3. There's too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.
    Dwight 2016
  4. You couldn't handle my undivided attention.
    Dwight doing his part to warn his coworkers of how much attention he can pay.
  5. I'm somewhere between a snake and a mongoose... And a panther.
    Dwight using the metric system for speed measurement, it's funny because it's the US version and Americans don't understand metrics unless they're drug dealers.
  6. Also, I can retract my penis up into itself.
    Dwight defying physics to be the superior human form and being humble about it.
  7. OK. Well thanks for wasting my time tonight, idiot! God!
    Dwight trying to make a sale at a dating party.