Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January
    Dan and I got engaged in January. I was completely shocked, my brother flew in to surprise me from Vegas, and we got to sing karaoke with our friends and family in celebration. An overall magical night.
  2. February
    In contrast, February was the fucking worst. My grandmother died, Dan's brother was hospitalized for a freak thing for 2 weeks, we had to move out of our place, Dan found out he was likely going to lose his job due to lay-offs, and it was so cold that I threatened to move to Florida daily. I cried a lot this month. However, this is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. So there's that.
  3. March
    My birthday is in March. Dan had never gotten me flowers in our 6 years of being together (I didn't care because although I think flowers are beautiful, they are a waste of money). This was the time that Dan decided to get them and I do have to admit it is lovely getting flowers.
  4. April
    I visited my brother, sister in law, niece, and nephew in Vegas this past April. I took this picture while flying because I know airplanes have been a thing for a while, but flying is a fucking miracle when you think about it. It always makes me think of Louis CK's bit.
  5. May
    This was taken while walking along the Schuylkill (most obnoxious word to spell ever-verified spelling from Google) River with one of my best friends. I freaking love cherry blossom trees and nothing makes me feel more alive than springtime.
  6. June
    My best friend got married in June. The night included me unintentionally showing her guests my underwear during my entrance on the dance floor and my mother taking a microphone and singing Sweet Caroline to the crowd. A truly wonderful evening.
  7. July
    My family made a last minute visit to New Jersey from Vegas (sans my brother which made me sad) and it was the best. Playing on the beach with my niece and nephew will always be one of my favorite memories. Also babies in fedoras are ridiculously cute.
  8. August
    Dan and I dressed up as Wayne and Garth for a beach patrol 90s party. I think we killed it.
  9. September
    I have a thing for sunsets. This happened in September.
  10. October
    My niece and nephew on Halloween (they do not dress like this regularly). Can you handle the cuteness? Me either.
  11. November
    I went on a camping trip with my friends in November and although it involved one of my fears (going to the bathroom in public) I had an amazing time. This trip involved alcohol, smoked meats, and various potato chips I could justify eating large quantities of while in the woods.
  12. December
    We had a bonfire thanks to El Niño in December. While the climate of our earth does worry me, I can't deny how nice it was to be outside and not wanting to die from the cold in December.