Winter is the worst
  1. You can't stay in here forever
    I actually think this to myself every morning when I'm done showering and don't want to get out. I subsequently think, "this is such a weird thing to think." I just said think a lot.
  2. Is that seriously fucking frost?
    Pretty much verbatim
  3. Why do I live here?
    In the northeast/ New Jersey
  4. I'm moving to Florida.
    My sister in law said that when she moved to Florida for a brief time, everyone she met was hiding or running from something.
  5. Ew I would never actually move to Florida
  6. I'm moving to California.
    I could never afford it
  7. I'd miss my family too much if I moved to California.
    My ancestors suck. They seriously couldn't be adventurous and strike it out west?
  8. Why did Puritans have to found this country?
    Can we all just convert to a 4 day work week? I actually think this during all 4 seasons.
  9. If it's below freezing I am not leaving the house.
  10. It's dark outside so I can eat whatever I want.
  11. I'll start working out more when spring comes.
  12. Seriously why do any of us live here?
    Why are we not all in a more moderate climate? We're all idiots.
  13. Winter does have some epic sunsets though.
    It's definitely helped out my Instagram game.
  14. Is it summer yet?