1. Every day could be the best day of your life. Stop living like it's probably not. (Be optimistic, be positive, be in a good mood).
  2. Don't be an asshole. Seriously, be polite and gracious to everyone you meet. You never know who will give you your next opportunity, next job, or help you when you lock yourself out of your office.
  3. Quality is everything for anything that truly matters.
  4. Be present.
  5. Take care of yourself, so you can better help others.
  6. You don't have to have it all figured out. You probably won't find yourself anyway. Plus, it's more fun to create yourself.
  7. If you're not being interesting, be interested. Listen.
  8. Human connection is what it's all really about - find something redeeming in every person you spend time with...
  9. Learn. Never stop growing.
  10. Always have the curiosity of a child.
  11. Reflect.
  12. Regularly express gratitude. You wouldn't be where you are if you did it alone. It wouldn't be possible, we always have someone to thank.
  13. Rather than be jealous, be supportive.
  14. Collaborate with others.
  15. Meet new people.
  16. Nurture valuable relationships.
  17. Evaluate your relationships and how you spend your time.
  18. Just do it. (Major brand advice, but good nonetheless)
  19. Meditate. I'm a big follower for Mindful Self-Compassion. Check it out: centerformsc.org