it happens
  1. wear something a lil too extra and put on a lil too much makeup
    as if chad from sigma apple chai tea would even give me any attention, seeing he only puts his efforts in blonde and orange girls
  2. calmly wait for the "here" or "we're on the way" text
    takes a lot of preparation for a shy girl to muster up the energy to go to a frat party
  3. get a lil tipsy on the drunkenness of my friends if i haven't had access to alcohol yet
  4. arrive to the party and scope out the scene
    any cute boys? ah, as mentioned before, all the Cute White Guys are preoccupied with their Cute White Girls. predictable
  5. get some alcohol
    but sometimes a girl is too late and can only get her hands and nasty beer. yuck
  6. awkwardly move around to whatever's playing
    how come the music that plays once u arrive is never as good until u've been there for a bit??? oh it's because i'm not yet inebriated
  7. excitedly hear The Song come on and hurriedly run to the dance floor with my friends
    whatever's hip and poppin at the time... just know that there is no separating girls who are walking hand in hand to a dance floor when their song comes on.
  8. whole lotta booty dancing and hand movements
    is it even really dancing in 2017 if ur hands and arms aren't moving in a specific fashion
  9. pause to regain energy and cool down
    lot of sweaty ppl, lot of movement
  10. leave just a little too early
    parties are the only time i'm ever super socially interactive (duh) and the only time i don't feel like a complete fool while dancing
  11. get back to my apartment very sticky and dirty
    i SHOULD shower but i manage only to get a makeup wipe, vigorously wipe my makeup off, and change into comfier clothes. a shower can wait til the next morning
  12. lights out