u will never see this, probably. but here goes. <posting so late in 2017 bc forgot this was a draft>
  1. D
    honey I really hope ur not expecting to make a career out of YouTube. it's not realistic. u probably forgot we were even together that one night, and u probably thought I was acting weird the later half. found out one of ur friends liked me. u are kinda weird. one of the better looking guys I hooked up with. anyway, I don't have much to say considering our very brief relationship. hope ur doing well.
  2. J
    u probably have no idea how into u I was. how much u impacted me. I liked u a lot and I'm not sure u know this. I think we caught each other at a bad time in our lives. I know u weren't really urself when u were around me, though. I think u kind of shapeshift around certain ppl in order to adjust to their interests and likings, so the person u were around me wasn't really u. I was stuck on u for a while. hope u haven't been too shitty nowadays.
  3. P
    I don't consider u an ex. I have kind of annulled whatever we had. u are racist. perverted. disgusting. I know u liked me a lot and wanted me to be happy but geez. ur really dumb. sorry but I can't be into someone who makes so many grammatical errors. no matter how much u deny it, u are shorter than me. ur cheap. u are just kind of the stereotypical asian guy. u brought down other girls and I was just not feeling it. and yes, the size of ur penis was the last straw. in case u were wondering.
  4. A
    I don't understand how u became so obsessed with me. but alright. I don't appreciate how u spread shit about me. I think it's funny how hard u fell for me after four days. and the long novel u sent after I didn't text u back for a day was funny as hell. not sure why I bothered with u.
  5. W
    what the fuck. I literally do not even fucking know. u are blonde, Republican and literally just the exact opposite of my ideal man.