Things i want to know about Civil War

So i was midway through Captain America: Civil War at the cinemas and the projector blew up just as Stark was recruiting Spiderman. Here are things that have been stuck on my mind! :)
  1. Which team does spiderman join?
    Spiderman is kinda protective of who he is, he may sympathise with what bucky wants to do!
  2. Does someone die?
    Might be because its Game of Thrones season but theres plenty of room to totally blow up this universe and create a vengeance plot line.
  3. How do they handle the big fight?
    6 v 6 death matches of superheroes are difficult to get right, almost always look corny or chaotic, gotta isolate everyone into 1 v 1s somehow.
  4. Does the Captain retire?
    Im pretty sure Bucky is meant to become Captain America, do they do it? If so, How do they handle it?
  5. Do they add anyone other fringe x-men?
    I like x-men, throwing me a bone with this would make me super jolly :)
  6. How does Bucky never become evil again?
    Im assuming Wanda somehow, but hey, he could get hypnotised and kill everyone. Gotta avoid that somehow!
  7. End credits scene
    Technically i left the cinema an hour and a half before the end credits scene... such a marvel noob!