Why alcohol being a depressant is so true with me

  1. Im kinda really happy, all the time
    Alcohol tends to make me just stand around smiling but not saying anything (booooooring)
  2. Im good at randomly chatting to people
    Alcohol makes me repeat myself all the time in an attempt to be funny, thats dumb
  3. Bladder control
    Alcohol makes me need to pee... all the time... constantly... how am I meant to enjoy a party whenim leaving it every 20 minutes
  4. I like sleep
    When i drink, i go over 0.0, therefore cant drive... i want to sleep in my own bed, which i wont be able to do, then i have to sleep in some pull out sofa that gives me backpain URGH
  5. I get bored quite easily
    And that triples when i drink, ill be chatting to someone then just walk away cause im bored, helps the pedometer at least
    Second time i drank i got very, very drunk... the next year i was constantly under anxiety attacks, keeping me up at night, making me lose my mind, didn't like it... the main reason im terrified of drinking