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  1. forgiving people
    I hold a lot of grudges against people for a variety of reasons, and it definitely takes me too long to forget when people are/were mean to me no matter how long ago it was. Katie points this out often because it's so infuriating to her
  2. Physics
    easily the subject I spend the most time working on and studying for, easily my worst grade
  3. saying how I actually feel
    for some reason there's a stigma among boys that talking about feelings is weird or dumb or "gay" to quote some of my more homophobic classmates. While I've gotten so much better at this recently I still struggle to actually talk about what I want to say. Instead I typically just ignore the thought as long as I can or do other things to suppress talking about something that I don't want to talk about but I still need to say.
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  1. it's amazing how much money ski gear just costs to rent for like a few days
  2. the amount of small children that ski much better than me is embarrassing
  3. every male between the ages of 18-40 in the ski industry has long hair, a beard, and won't stop calling me bro
    they're all really helpful tho
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  1. friends on tv
    meet once and are immediately inseparable
  2. friends irl
    spend months slowly learning everything about each other
  3. friends in movies
    supportive of each other
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  1. Part time soccer player, full time poet and wine connoisseur Andrea Pirlo
    was gonna make this a meme but lost interest
  2. to me it's the new Crying Jordan
    but I have yet to have a need for it/can't photoshop
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(Katie also annoyingly requests Lists about herself way too often and forced me to do this one after I ignored all the others)
  1. so Katie has a very distinctive sad face
  2. and she's discovered how weak I am to it
  3. and now she uses it against me to get things she wants
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  1. so a few days ago someone who I had never met liked and relisted my post
  2. turns out that person actually had a lot of List followers
  3. I followed him and expected that to be the end of this
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recently found out I may get a new phone soon so I'm looking back through my pictures. hope this doesn't come across as pretentious. feel free to add your own pictures
  1. Marco Island, Florida
  2. Charleston, South Carolina
  3. County Kerry, Ireland
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  1. Fernando
    easy choice
  2. Dávid
    no not David, Dávid
  3. Thomas
    tribute to childhood idol and Chicago Bears running back Thomas Jones
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  1. Disproportionate number of parks. Like seriously we must have at least 50 parks and we only have 50,000 people
  2. The fact I live here
  3. Randy Savage graduated from high school here
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  1. Do I have to put the 1 when I put someone's number into my phone?
    this haunts me
  2. How are bagels made?
    one of my more serious questions
  3. How do stop lights know if a car is waiting? Is there a sensor? Do they just shut off when no one's there?
    I'm thinking of stop lights on quiet streets
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