1. Static
    when sliding into a girl's DMs maybe
  2. Static
    due to my growing discontent with the election right now but I haven't sent it to @PatrickCleary who is the only person who would get it
  3. Part time soccer player, full time poet and wine connoisseur Andrea Pirlo
    was gonna make this a meme but lost interest
  4. to me it's the new Crying Jordan
    but I have yet to have a need for it/can't photoshop
  5. think I sent this to someone when they said "I love you"
    it didn't go down well
  6. no reason for this picture being on my phone except the amount of classiness in this picture
  7. My friend Kaleb(who doesn't have a List) discovered we had a sledge hammer once and demanded I take a picture of him with it
    inexplicable I should probably delete this
  8. Teacher @ my school who wears suspenders. Think I was gonna tweet something about starting a trend but he's worn suspenders everyday since and I've worn them like twice all year
    (have to wear a belt with your uniform at my school)
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo in the ugliest sweater of all time
    due to the fact it is NOT being worn ironically