1. Nutella and apple slices: easiest thing to make on the list that you can't buy
  2. Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Pepperidge Farm: microwaved, toasted it's always delicious it is the Nutella and apple slices of bread
  3. English Breakfast Tea: the coffee of the 1700s. the English were bad at handling nationalism in their colonies but great at creating delicious beverages that you can drink at any part of the day. (wouldn't recommend taking sugar anytime after 7:30 unless you're trying to stay up)
  4. Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop tarts: somehow not the most popular brand of pop tarts thus making them underrated because they are the best kind of pop tarts
  5. Crepes: very very hard to find. if you're lucky your go-to Brunch place might have them. for the uneducated they are very thin pancakes but generally have delicious substances like Nutella and honey holding the two pancakes together