1. Look what this hedgehog sat on!
  2. Hedgehogs can yawn!
  3. Are hedgehogs just like people? This one is wearing tiny clothes or making a person face!
  4. Flowers: they eat them!
  5. Prickly in the literal sense ONLY!
  6. How is this hedgehog friends with a puppy? It doesn't make any sense!
  7. Look what this hedgehog sat inside!
  8. This should be a pet (as long as it doesn't have a shockingly short life expectancy)!
  9. Where did that piece of fruit go go? Uh oh, WE CAN GUESS!
  10. Ironic reference to a dark political issue!
  11. Is it too small to sleep? GUESS NOT!
  12. Look what this hedgehog sat under!
  13. Death can't be real, look at this weird yet endearing rat with spikes on it!
  14. It has a name like Grumpers that contrasts with its simple and easygoing life!
  15. Mondays!
  16. Uh oh it has a party hat, maybe it's drunk!
  17. I hate the idea of looking at a pony, this is so great!
  18. What a dark moment for me, one of these mauled my family on a childhood camping trip!
  19. Wednesdays!
  20. Monty Python reference!
  21. I am beginning to forget the names of my immediate family because of the powerful cuteness that is expanding across my consciousness!
  22. Holding this hedgehog in a photo was a job someone was paid to do!
  23. Little teeth and paws this small should be called something cuter, like chimpers and pewpews!
  24. This image of pure beauty conjures every moment of missed opportunity, like how you were supposed to meet that woman for coffee on Sunday instead of Saturday! Oh what have you done!
  25. Sundays!
  26. How many are in that pile? They're cuddling maybe! It's hard to tell!
  27. Uh oh, chocolate!