Insight into my un-creative process (since I feel like I'm letting @dubstep down with my lack of lists over here).
  1. I keep coming up with lists I deem too short.
    I come up with 2 ideas and think I'm on to something. And then nothing. But this is gonna be a short list! Suck it, norms.
  2. I'm actually just over on Twitter all the time.
    You've got my attention though, ListApp. Sometimes you need a break from all the takes. (Also, follow me there, cause obviously @ctHolla)
  3. Your lists are all excellent. The piece of me that wanted to be a writer is trying to hold me to a high standard.
    Everything needs to at least be on par with the roommate adds I put on Craigslist. (2/2 in excellent posts and resulting roommates.)
  4. Easily distracted over here.
    This is at least the 12th time I've thought about posting this. That, or I actually can't commit to anything. Since the Internet is forever. (Who decided the Internet should autocorrect to a capital "I"? Internet trying to get self-aware on us over there?)
  5. I can never come up with a way to end these things.