And by you I mean me. Currently in a 2-mile long security line
  1. Night before: Leave at... 5:30. Yeah. That's plenty of time.
  2. 5:15 am alarm: Pow. Up on time. Great job CT. Who would leave during SXSW anyway?
  3. While leaving: Okay. 5 mins behind. Still good.
  4. While arriving: Kinda early for all these cars to be picking someone up....
  5. While walking up: Really hope that's the line for checking bags and not security.
    Spoiler alert: It's not.
  6. Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuckity fuck
  7. Spring break starting, you idiot!
  8. That's okay, secret backup security gate will be op- Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  9. It's moving. 30 minutes is plenty of time, right?
  10. 10 minutes later: Okay. 7 rows of queue. That was, what, 3 minutes through the first? Ummmmmmmmm.
    Math, yo.
  11. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnh
  12. Your flight's at 6:40? Hahahahaha sucks to suck.
    I mean I was hoping they made it, but poor life choices by you, man who is less prompt than me by 20 minutes.
  13. I should list this.
    Hard to type and run. Plus, does it lose all value if you don't post it before take off?
  14. Really shouldn't have run to the leasing office to print those Bucks tickets.
  15. Probably shouldn't have spent time grabbing breakfast either.
  16. What even happens if you miss your flight? Do you pay for a new flight? Just get put on the next one? Nooooo idea.
  17. Actual security. C'mon c'mon c'mon.
    I am a pro at the actual conveyor belt / bin use portion of the security line.
  18. Annnnnd I left my bag on the conveyor belt.
  19. Do people judge others if they're running through the airport?
    (I was running at this point)
  20. Annnnnnnnnnd gate. Never a doubt. Of course I'll check my bag, thank you.
  21. Hashtag plane emoji. Wooooooo. Off to see Wisco and @dubstep.