Names may have been changed to protect my reputation, not theirs.
  1. Joey S.
    Legend has it first kisses are magical. When I was in 7th grade I decided my first kiss was far past due. So I did what anyone would do, got a boyfriend, (who I never talked to, it was 7th grade..) and got him to kiss me. Then the next day he sent one of his friends to break up with me. Magic.
  2. Gary
    He was in 8th grade, an older man. I almost punched a girl who claimed they had sex. I was 12 years old, why was my life like an episode of real housewives??
  3. Boy whose name I forgot
    He was cute and in my band class. I think he played percussion?
  4. The first Josh
    He was "dating" my best friend. She was tired of him, I thought he was cute so she broke up with him and told him he should ask me out. He did. We had a good two weeks of kissing all over school. Then I dumped him. I kind of feel bad that we treated this boy like a pair of sunglasses, but not too bad because in his eyes he probably thought he was a major player.
  5. Spencer D
    Kissed him in a game of spin the bottle. Also kissed Robbie. We were at church camp. Classy.
  6. Robbie
    Kissed him the whole bus ride home from church camp. He took a starburst out of my mouth with his mouth. I told everyone we made out.
  7. Paul R
    My first and last football player.
  8. Quim
    Spanish foreign exchange student who stayed with us one summer.
  9. James J
    My first official boyfriend. He somehow tricked me into dating him for 3 months.
  10. The second Josh
    We made out in my cousins kitchen one time
  11. Robbin G
    We made out in the back seat of my truck. I'm pretty sure he had a girlfriend, but I didn't know about her at the time, and after I dropped him off, I went to a charity thing, so my conscience is clear.
  12. Tyler H
    Snuck out of my house to kiss him in the middle of a field. Later he asked my best friend to hook up with him, she said no. I asked his best friend to hook up with me, he said yes.
  13. Tony C
    Kissed him once next to a vending machine in a bowling alley when I was 17, and again when I was 19 (not next to a vending machine).
  14. Bennet R
    My 19 year old RA at a summer college program thing. I was underage. Scandalous.
  15. The third Josh
    The best friend of Tyler H.
  16. Cameron N
    MMA fighter I dated for who knows what reason.
  17. Garrett N
    Cameron's hotter, younger brother who I should have dated instead.
  18. Tristan Y
    Funny brown boy who bought be a Valentine's day balloon.
  19. Jonathan S
    3 years, 2 schools, and 1 broken heart later, Jonathan was the first and only love of my life.
  20. Bryan
    Kissed him in honor of the crush I had on him sophomore year.
  21. Ben C
    Kissed him in the rain at my 16th birthday party. Swoon. Kissed him again three years later, after we won a game of beer pong. Swoon.
  22. The fourth Josh
    The fourth and final Josh. Hopefully.
  23. Nate R
    Giants fan who was at an A's game. Asked me to make out with him sometime during the 7th inning.
  24. A complete stranger
    I was at a bar in San Louis Obispo, it was his birthday, I guess I thought a kiss was an appropriate gift.
  25. Bonus: Austin "Bambi" Jones
    He worked for me this summer, me and @krista kamikaze kissed him on the cheek at the same time, while he tried to hide by shoving his face in the corner. I will love him forever, probably.