Wearing the following items, I can take over the world
  1. 4 year old tan boots
    Like UGGS, but from Payless because when I was 18 I couldn't afford UGGS. And also, why are UGGS "out of fashion" they're amazing in every way. #bringbackUGGS2015
  2. Black leggings
    They're pants, get over it mom, my ass looks fabulous.
  3. No shirt, thank you
    Sports bra necessary tho
  4. Grey hoodie
    Not to be confused with the baggy sweatshirt you got from your high school soccer team. This one is way hotter.
  5. Flannel
    Give or take, depending on weather
  6. Green coat
    You know the one I'm talking about, army surplus, but for hip girls.
  7. Beanie
    Maroon neff beanie. Old faithful
  8. Now that I think of it, I probably look like your slightly above average hobo, but I feel great, and isn't that what really matters?