Is this racist? I hope not.
  1. Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka The Love of My Life
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    Community. Camp, Kauai, Because the Internet. Writer, producer, stand up comedian. What can't he do?! And he's sexy as hell. I would devote my life to him if he gave me the chance.
  2. Michael Jordan
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    Michael Jordan is the perfect man. He played two major league sports AND stared in Space Jam, the greatest movie of my generation, plus as I understand he's just a real quality man. I wish he was my father.
  3. Ludacris
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    I was singing "What's Your Fantasy" before I even knew what the words meant. 16 years later and I would lick him from his head to his toes. Also, fast&furious.
  4. Will Smith
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    Will Smith is flawless. Fresh Prince of Bell Air 🙌🏽. Hitch is my feel good rom com forever.
  5. Drake
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    "I got my eyes on you You're everything that I see. I want your high love and emotion endlessly. I can't get over you. You left your mark on me. I want your high love and emotion endlessly. Cause you're a good girl and you know it," good Lord have mercy
  6. J. Cole
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    Sing me sweet melodies.
  7. Tyrese Gibson
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    I choose to believe he is exactly the same in real life as he is as Roman Pierce in the Fast&Furious movies
  8. Ice Cube
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    Thought he was a "Are We There Yet?" man, but then I saw "Straight Outta Compton" #novaseline
  9. O'shea Jackson Jr
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    Aka little Ice Cube. Funny on Twitter, stole my heart in "Straight Outta Compton"
  10. Taye Diggs
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    Taye Diggs is Americas Next Top Model.
  11. Usher
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    Have you seen any of his music videos? That's all a girl needs
  12. André 3000
    Not attractive, but I will be forever grateful for Hey Ya! as will the rest of the world, so, he goes on the list
  13. Michael B. Jordan
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    Not to be confused with the real Michael Jordan. Michael B. Jordan is just eye candy with some semblance of an acting career. Also dated Kendall Jenner.