Somehow I managed to watch every episode of every one of these shows while still being social, getting all my work done, reading a murakami novel and cleaning my entire apartment.
  1. Bloodline
    Brilliant show, super soap opera like, a little slow to start, but oh man, such a nail biter. I'm never getting on a boat or going to Florida again.
  2. Bojack Horseman
    Very lucid commentary on what I assume is Bob Sagat's life if he were a cartoon horse, and his life is his cameo as himself from the show entourage. Bonus: awesome opening theme song from one of the members of the Black Keys. Also Jesse Pinkman stars as himself as BoJack's house guest.
  3. Scrotal Recall
    Good UK series, I watched it mostly because the actress from the other UK series that airs on E4 "Misfits" is in it and I have a massive crush on her. Also, never before did getting an STD lead to such fanciful misadventures as it does on this show.
  4. Sense8
    Way better than the title type treatment lets on. 8 people can see and feel things that are happening to each other around the world, so naturally shootouts, kung fu fighting and sex dominates their lives.