I surprise myself how I am able to function as a human being with these thoughts constantly circling in my head
  1. How much I need to be working out and failing at it
  2. How I should not be putting that piece of chocolate in my mouth
  3. How I need to draw more
  4. Finishing that Murakami book on my kindle
  5. How I don't spend enough time calling my family
  6. What I should be doing vs staring at my phone
  7. Getting the mail from the mailbox I let pile up for the last two weeks
  8. Charging my depleted portable phone chargers
  9. Getting around to outlining that book I want to write
  10. Mailing a birthday gift to (insert siblings name)
  11. Figuring out what to do with my 3 bedroom storage pod I have back in NY that costs me 200 bucks a month, now that I live in a tiny SF apartment.
  12. Getting a California ID
  13. Seeing someone about my anxiety and compulsive worrying and list making
  14. Finishing my new design portfolio
  15. Figuring out my old 401k online login from that job two jobs ago
  16. How to spend more time relaxing and doing things that California people do that involves being outside
  17. Setting up another Art show
  18. How to prioritize things I keep putting off
  19. What will be my next Instagram post
  20. Doing something with all those 50 odd domain names I registered
  21. How I need to cancel my car insurance, I surrendered my plates a month ago
  22. Scrubbing my bathtub
  23. Getting my passport
  24. Getting batteries for that waterproof speaker in my shower
  25. Giving up coffee for tea
  26. Writing sincere thank you cards to people
  27. This
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