1. "We're gonna shoot it in the fall..."
  2. "CAA have been really behind it..."
  3. "Emma Stone passed."
  4. "She's so talented, but l'm not sure she exists in this world..."
  5. "I'm going to edit it in New York."
  6. "We have a great composer."
  7. "It's Toronto or Venice."
  8. "It's not a festival movie."
  9. "I haven't seen it since we locked."
  10. "You're so good in it."
  11. The lack of trailers will help you guys bond as a cast.
    Suggested by @gillianjacobs
  12. Still waiting on the funding to come through.
    Suggested by @hellomattspicer
  13. Donald Glover is officially out
    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera
  14. I'm waiting on word
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  15. Can you send this in an email
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  16. Shooing this fall... @EricElkins
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